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Be Thankfull And Talk About Shoes

So, today should be titled “Rest Day Ramblings,” because that what this is about to be – a collection of discombobulated ramblings from the center of my brain. I’m not entirely sure this will have anything to do with CrossFit. Since 9AM, I’ve been in front of the television with my daughters and new grandson watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. My wife has been cooking and the aroma of delicious food is lingering in the air. Every commercial today has similar themes: food, family, food, good times, food, and the virtue of sloth. Over the last few decades, a shift has occurred in our culture, one toward ease and comfort. Hard work is a lost concept. Commercials are now geared toward escaping work to a pleasant beach or peaceful meadow. If we want something, surely there is some fast, immediate way to make it happen, regardless of the consequences. Don’t have the money? No problem! Just charge it or take out a loan. So what if you can’t pay your mortgage? No sweat, you still deserve those crossfit shoes you long to have (here). Hard work and patience have given way to laziness and entitlement. This has me considering the nature of the concept of thanksgiving. I’m not about to pull out the Webster’s dictionary definition of the word, or other words I will allude to today. No, … [Read More...]

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